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What is a Root Barrier?

 A root barrier is an underground wall that is installed which protects foundations and other structures from tree root damage.

Benefits of Root Barrier Installation:

Trees are a great benefit to your home, building and community. As trees grow in size, so do their root systems. The roots can grow 3x the length of the trees canopy.  Due to the hot climate and dry weather, these tree roots grow towards areas that are moist. These areas include growing toward the surface and also growing under your foundation, driveway, sidewalk or other hardscape.  

Root barrier Biobarrier


The Biobarrier® System is a unique method of root and weed control that was originally created in response to the U.S. Department of Energy’s need for a product that could be used in the closure cap of hazardous waste sites to prevent root intrusion and any possible chance that hazardous waste could get into the food chain. The Biobarrier System manages roots through the slow, controlled release of trifluralin, a root inhibition herbicide that has been in use on food crops in the United States for more than 35 years. A pattern of 7/16-inchhemisphere nodules is through-injection-molded to 4-ounce-per-square-yard, durable, proven Typar® geotextile fabric on 1.5-inch centers. This creates a continuous zone of root control protection. 

Trifluralin diffuses from the protective nodules in vapor form, creating a root inhibition zone in the soil. Roots penetrate the zone until root tips reach the herbicidal concentration that prevents that species’ root tip cell division; this is normally 3/8 inches from the fabric. Only the root tip cell’s ability to divide and grow is affected; neither the plant nor its roots are killed because trifluralin is not systemic. The Biobarrier System simply redirets the roots and causes the plant to concentrate growth in branch roots away from the trifluralin zone. Because it is a geotextile, the Biobarrier System is water permeable, does not disturb soil hydrology and is flexible enough to be contoured to various installation geometries. 

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